Faucet Water Filter

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Chlorine : Removes 100% harmful Chlorine
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WaterClub® Watersafe Faucet Filter. 100% Satisfied or Money back.

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This Product is designed to work with most standard household faucets sized 21mm – 23mm. Simply slip on the end of your faucet and enjoy!


1. Rubber
2. Natural Zeolite
3. Calcium Sulfate
4. Active Carbon
5. Non-Woven


1. Remove rust, chlorine, bacteria and more from your tap water
2. Quick and easy installation
3. Fits most round household faucets


This product has 3 layers of filters:
1. Non-woven fabrics to remove the iron rust in the running water
2. Natural zeolite to remove bacteria & heavy metals
3. Active carbon to remove the smell and taste of chlorine


1. Upon first use, let the water flow through the filter for 30 seconds. It is normal for black carbon powder to come out of the filter
2. Don’t use with water above 50℃
3. Keep out of reach of children
4. Please replace it every 2 months for maximum efficiency